Our Services

Webster Street Academy is based on a model of community partnership. We are not a charter school or a public school. Students remain actively enrolled in their home school but are referred to Webster Street Academy when it becomes clear they need more. At Webster Street, our goal is to provide them with a better understanding of how to effectively cope with their behavioral issues, so that in time they can return to their neighborhood school and be successful. 

Outpatient Services and Outreach Services are available to provide our clients with Eastway’s full continuum of care.

Therapeutic Intervention
We believe intense, therapeutic intervention is the best resource. Once a student is referred to Webster Street, they receive a diagnostic assessment from a therapist. Then, we can figure out the areas the student is struggling in and what intervention we can put in place to assist. Each of our students participates in daily group therapy and individual weekly therapy sessions led by licensed counselors and social workers. In therapy we work on social skills, coping skills, general mental health and self-awareness. This therapeutic component is our differentiator. When it is wrapped around an engaging educational program our students have the best chance for success. 

Educational Programming
Webster Street Academy’s educational curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education. Students utilize a self-paced approach focused on the core areas of English, math, social studies, science and various electives. Our program also emphasizes reading to address student deficits. We keep the size of our classrooms small, never over 12 students per class, so that our students get the attention they need and deserve. Our teachers are highly experienced, engaging and hands on. While a student is at Webster Street, we get to really know them in order to focus on why they are here and how we can help. The goal is to ultimately return students back to their home school with the skillset they need to succeed.

Who We Serve
We contract with private, public and charter schools throughout Montgomery County to receive their students. If a student is in a school that we are not currently contracted with they can utilize open enrollment to potentially attend Webster Street.

We accept public health insurance such as Medicaid, Care Source, Buckeye, Paramount Advantage, Molina or United Health Care Community Plan.